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How to Install a Drain Tile to Waterproof a Basement





Many rehabbers only remediate water issues with basement homes by covering up with drywall.  A couple good rains and the problem comes back.  Although it is a lot of work and can be costly, we usually do this process on all of the homes we purchase that have apparent water issues.

Here are the steps:

1.  We recommend hiring a professional with the right equipment.  This home that we are currently working on is all brick.  One mistake while digging can crack the brick or damage the foundation.  We recommend Bobby Watkins with J & W Backflow & Plumbing Repair. 



2. Clear approximately a 3 foot trench from the base of the foundation.  


3.  Clear all of the dirt from the foundation.  You will be applying foundation tar to the foundation, so you want the area as clean as possible.


4.  Apply foundation tar across the entire foundation.


5.  Take 6 mil poly and fold in half.  Attach it approximately 2 ft above the tar.  You can either tape it to keep it in place or wedge 2x4's against it to hold it in place.  Let the poly rest in the trench.


6.  Place slotted drain tile  against foundation.  Make sure to also make a trench to run the drain tile away from the house.  Once drain tile is in, begin covering it with rock.  We had Straight Line fence deliver blue stone rock to the house.  They charge a small deliver fee and were able to put the rock close to the trench.


7.  After drain is completely covered with rock, begin to back fill with the dirt.  Make sure that dirt is sloped away from the house.  Also make sure that you have installed good gutters on the home.  At the end of the down spouts we also attach the solid black pipe to make sure that water is diverted away from the home's foundation.  We recommend and use Clarksville Gutter for all of our homes.